Lately it seems everything I have been praying for is coming true!!  (Matthew 19:26) PRAISE GOD!  He’s no respector of persons!  The same results are available to everyone who authentically lays aside their agenda, and seeks “His will, not our own..”  (Luke 22:42) 

As we lay aside our agenda and focus on Him, the right desires begin to start welling up in our spirit. (Psalm 37:4)  God is clear in His Word, if we will focus on Him and the Kingdom, then all these things will be added unto us! (Matt 6:33)


Now I’m not saying go sit down and focus on “these things”…. It’s all about focusing on GOD and allowing Him to fill our hearts with “those things” that promote and advance the Kingdom.


So my question tonight is, what can we pray for you?  Or maybe you would like to share a praise report of an answered prayer.  We love to stand in agreement and believe God with you!



-Jason (praying some people will post comments!)  🙂