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I hear people make this statement a lot but it is incorrect. Though the Bible does talk about a “spirit of fear,” fear is primarily an emotion.

As an emotion, fear gives us more energy to protect us from dangers. If you were “delivered from all your fears,” then you would drive too fast, fall off of a cliff, get bitten by a snake, lion, or tiger, and the like. You need fear for protection.

So the prayer is not, “Lord, take away my fear.” The prayer is, “Lord, though I feel afraid, I am going to trust you through this fear and focus upon You and others.”

Fearful people can do great things when they focus upon others. Mothers who are afraid of dogs can overcome that fear when their child is in danger because their focus is upon protecting the child! Why? Because “perfect love cast out fear” according to I John 4:18.

Perfect love (agape love or unconditional love) is the only force more powerful than fear! Praise God!

-Mark (thankful for fear that produces good and not unrighteousness in me)