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In downtown Gadsden at the Mary G. Hardin Museum for Cultural Arts, there is a great display about the Gutenberg press and how Bibles were printed (ink). Also, the display teaches about how our Bible has been preserved over the years and the men who gave their lives for the Word of God (blood). Oh, and you can see actual pieces of the Dead Sea Scrolls, too!

Ink and blood is a powerful display. I was deeply moved by William Tyndale’s sacrifice. What a servant of the Lord! Tragically, he was wrongly deemed a heretic for translating the Bible from Greek to English. English was considered a “vile language” for commoners and the “religious” leaders of the day did NOT want him to help regular people to have access to the Bible; therefore, he was strangled and then burned at the stake. Very sad. Remember that the “religious” leaders of the day were against Jesus , too, when He was in ministry!

If you speak English, then William Tyndale impacted your life. Think about that for a moment. Here’s a scholarly man who spoke 8 languages and was imprisoned and violently put to death. Yet because of his work on the New and Old Testaments (only finished half of OT before he was murdered), he has greatly impacted millions of English-speaking people since 83% of his work was utilized in the King James Version of the Bible. And none of us really know much about him!

I was greatly impacted by this display. Cost is $6.00 for adults to go through and it takes 2-3 hours. I was changed and will never be the same.

The display will only be there through Oct. 31st so hurry and go see it. OR buy the DVD’s they have on it.

Two websites to look at for more information before you go are www.culturalarts.org and www.inkandblood.com !!!

-Mark  (incredibly touched by the sacrifice of William Tyndale and the sovereignty of God in preserving His Word)