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For those of you out there who are familiar with Biblical Counseling, there is one name that has always been associated with the field. 

For over 40 years Dr. Jay Adams has been a modern day prophet calling God’s people back from their dalliance with unbiblical psychological theory to a renewed confidence in the power of the Holy Spirit and the sufficiency of God’s Word to equip the man of God to help his people with problems of living and relationship. Happily, many have heeded his call and over the years a movement, both deep and wide, has developed, consisting of pastors and other Christian workers who have been trained in and are practicing the kind of truly biblical counseling God intended for His people to receive. (Excerpt from nouthetic.org)

Recently Dr. Jay Adams reveiwed one of Mark’s booklets on Internet, TV, and Video Game Addiction.  Below is an excerpt from his publication “The Journal of Modern Ministry”.

Hope and Help for Video Game, TV, and Internet “Addiction”
By Mark Shaw
Focus Publishing, Bemidji, MN
Reviewed by Jay E. Adams
          This 29-page giveaway booklet is just the ticket! Recognizing that sin is not addiction (note the quotation marks in the title), Shaw treats the sinful habits mentioned in a truly biblical manner. I know of no other simple, yet helpful booklet of the kind. You will want to get a couple to keep on hand for the next time you counsel a thought “addict.”
-Excerpted from The Journal of Modern Ministry, Jay E. Adams, General Editor, A Publication of Timeless Texts, Vol. 5, Issue 2, Spring 2008, p. 207.

Congratulations Mark! 

-Jason (Thankful to be part of a ministry that is God-endorsed)