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I turn the big 4-0 today.


How sad in one sense: life is going by so quickly. It seems like yesterday I was 39 (oh, I was!). It doesn’t seem that long ago that I was 7 years old, too. Remember those days? We had it made back then and didn’t even know it! My 7 year old now really has it made!

So, you can pray for me because this is the hardest birthday I’ve had so far. Hard to believe I’ve lived for 4 decades.

Nevertheless, I am rejoicing because growing old is a desire of my heart so that I might continue to do God’s will of glorifying Him and reaching hurting souls. Unless the Lord wants to bring me home to Him first, I’ll aim for growing older day by day by His grace.

Not only am I growing physically older, I am growing spiritually more mature daily in my walk with the Lord! I am becoming more like Jesus but have a very long way to go! If God wants me to become like Him in this life, I’ll live to more than a thousand years old because I am nowhere near being like Christ though I am nowhere where I used to be either. It’s all by God’s grace!

-Mark (praying the Lord will use me for His glory for many more years to come)