Are you discouraged? Have you been overwhelmed by the worries of this life?

If so, Psalm 37 is perfect for you. Psalm 37 brings comfort to the sad, blessings to righteous, and punishment to the wicked.

Main Points:

  • The Lord will punish the wicked. (Psalm 37:20)
  • The righteous’ heritage — which is stored up in heaven — will remain forever. (Psalm 37:18)
  • Verse 21 highlights what should be believers’ priorities: to honor God by being a generous giver.

This Week’s Lessons from the Bible:

  1. Even if the wicked seem to prosper, you can be reminded in the fact that in the end the unrighteous people will be punished for their wicked deeds.
  2. If you have put your faith and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ, you can be comforted in the fact that the Lord God Almighty, who was and is and is to come, is upholding you! Praise Him!
  3. Remind yourself of this promising and comforting verse:

“For the arms of the wicked shall be broken, but the LORD upholds the righteous.” ~Psalm 37:17

4. When life seems hard, remember what Christians’ rewards will be:

–blessed with an inheritance (Psalm 37:29)

–never be forsaken (Psalm 37:25, 28)

–preserved forever (Psalm 37:28)

Join the Conversation:

How do you plan on applying this to your life?

–Mark and Rachel Shaw (comforted in the fact that God is upholding us)