How do you balance loving others with difficult trials?

In this post, we’ll discuss how you can fervently love one another on a daily basis.


Peter is writing to the Jews who are being persecuted for their faith in God. At this point, they are probably tired of all the trials and persecution that they are facing. Peter realizes this, and so he decided to encourage these Jews, and help come alongside them as they go through these afflictions. Peter gave them the following command from God in the Bible:

Fervently love one another from the heart. ~1 Peter 1:22

Suggested Application/Spiritual Growth

  • Do your least favorite task, happily, for someone else even when life is hard and/or they are being unloving toward you.
  • “From the heart” is a key phrase. If you’re just trying to love someone just because you feel like “you have to,” you do not love that person from your heart. How do you solve this problem: select one person in your life and ask the Holy Spirit to create a desire in your heart to love a person in your family; then begin praying for them earnestly. Serve them specifically through prayer and then look for other opportunities to serve them as well.
  • Be eager to serve and love somebody today!

Join the Conversation:

Who do you plan on “fervently loving” this week?

–Mark and Rachel Shaw (enjoying the fervent love in our family)