In the spirit of my favorite sport season, March Madness, a serious concern is that the secular psychological world seems to want us to believe that we are ALL insane and that they have the answers to help us. Neither of these is true! What is true is that ALL of us are sinners enslaved to sin and that only Jesus Christ offers real hope and help to save us.

A video produced by a non-evangelical group called “The Marketing of Madness” demonstrates how pharmaceutical companies are behind psychological organizations, the DSM-V, and marketing ploys to encourage people to get psychotropic medications (which may be unsafe and do irreversible damage in many instances) as remedies to mental illness. Though I do not agree with this video in its entirety, I must applaud their research which is spot-on and the accurate message they are conveying which should make us all pause to re-think where we think true freedom is offered.

I believe it is only found in Christ Jesus our Lord! (Rom. 10:9)

Check out this link at and learn the truth about what they don’t want you to know regarding how secular groups are marketing madness to the masses.

-Mark (Excited about March Madness basketball and concerned about The Marketing of Madness in our American society)