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It’s not “Bibleman” – it’s “Mr. Biblical” – a new superhero who defeats bad guys by hitting them over the head with a concordance. Just kidding, of course!

Actually, sometimes, I think “Mr. Biblical” might be a BAD guy (like the Joker) who misuses the Bible to hurt people with it by telling them of their sins and failures AND OMITTING the grace and forgiveness of Christ. The great thing about sin is that we have a Savior and the answer to overcome the power of sin through Jesus Christ!

This idea of “Mr. Biblical” came from my children who lovingly joke with me about being “Mr. Biblical,” but they do mean it as a super-hero (not a bad guy!). I guess it’s my alter-ego when I counsel. At night when I get home, I change back into mild-mannered Mark but during the day for Truth in Love, I am “Mr. Biblical.”

Now, the trick is not just to KNOW the Bible but to DO the Bible -meaning living out biblical principles for the glory of God! Still working on the doing part.

James 1 tells us not to be only a HEARER of the Bible but a DOER of His Word. That’s really “Mr. Biblical” and I fall way short of that goal. My desire now is to become more like Christ, the only real super-hero and to implement God’s Word into my life by becoming more obedient to Him.

-Mark (being a doer not to earn salvation but to do so for the glory of God out of my thankful heart toward Him)