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It’s amazing the lies we tell ourselves to pretend as though there is no sin in this world. It reminds me of Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood of Make-Believe.

There were never any un-resolvable problems in that neighborhood!

But you know what?  In reality, there are never any un-resolvable sin problems in God’s world either thanks to Jesus Christ!

SIN is a RESOLVABLE problem when we humble ourselves, confess our sins, ask Jesus to forgive us, trust in His sacrifice upon the cross, and then live out our faith through repentance for the glory of God.

The Neighborhood of Make-Believe had no problems – likewise, as Christians, we should be joyous, too, as we are FORGIVEN and can abide in His grace daily to overcome all of our problems through Christ who strengthens us!

-Mark (living in a good, spiritual reality of forgiveness through Christ)