It’s that time of year again… As the last few days of 2008 find their way into the history book, what do you find yourself saying “Next year I am going to…” about?  There are plenty of typical New Year’s Resolutions ranging from Losing Weight, Managing Finances, Working Out, Better Family Time, etc….  What about Spiritual resolutions?  What really matters long term?  When it comes to your walk with the Lord, are you closer to Him now than this time last year? 

The Bible states that without vision, the people cast of restraint. Proverbs 29:18  It is absolutely crucial for us to have short term and long term vision  (resolutions as they are called this time of year).   What are you focused on?  If it’s God, then you are bound to have a vision outside of your own abilities. You see, God is the great vision giver!  He wants to use us for His good purposes.  Everyone quotes Jeremiah 29:11,  but have you seen in the verse that it’s God that gives us the future and hope. And they are both tied to one another!




So if you aren’t currently following a God given vision, what better time than New Year’s to get your schedule cleared and begin to listen to Him.  He has your plan. He holds your future. He is your hope….



Jason (Writing down the vision so that others may see)