If you ever wonder why people seem “addicted” to any pleasure, the reason is simply idolatry. The have filled their hearts with idolatrous lusts.

Dr. David Powlison once said, “Idolatry is by far the most frequently discussed problem in the Scriptures…the relevance of massive chunks of Scripture hangs on our understanding of idolatry.”

When you read the Bible, you must understand Exodus 20:3 which is the first commandment: “Thou shalt have no other gods before Me.” When we do put other gods ahead of God in terms of priorities, then we can become enslaved to them which is commonly called “addiction.”

Addiction is simply idolatry and it takes all types of forms. That’s why Dr. Powlison and others urge us to know Scripture and how those “massive chunks” of the Word apply to our hearts!

-Mark (grateful to God that His Word urges us to keep Him first)