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Over the last few days, The Lord has been giving me situation after situation (as in all) where my need, dependence, strength, is found in Him alone. Shocker eh?  I’m sure most of you have never tried thinking out a given scenario, figuring out  what you intend on doing, and then the Lord showing up and kindly rewriting the game plan… I am learning that it’s examples like these that show I still don’t run towards Him soon enough!  How prideful and selfish it is for me to try and direct the play, when I am nothing more than a benchwarmer God chose to cast in HIS Great Story. 

Learning to lean on Him is something we never really master this side of Heaven.  Although, as we relinquish more of ourselves, He does give us assurance that “He’s in control”.  My greatest desire as a Christ-follower in this season of growth, is to be a doer of the Word.  My need (maybe its a want?) for understanding has to take a backseat to the simple (often TOUGH) obedience of Childlike faith.   There is security in Him, knowing that His Ways are not our ways, and His thoughts, not our thoughts…

This whole process leaves me so humbled, and completely thankful for being HIS child.  I have a Father, who knows what is best!  How could my desires in their most selfless (read false humility) fashion be even remotely as AWESOME as His?  

Lord help me in the process of stepping back, kneeling down, and resting in Your presence.


-Jason  (learning to cherish the ah-ha moments God gives us with just Him)