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Dr. Record at Christ Health Center shared a devotion with us a week ago about Romans 5:1 reminding us that we are at peace with God.

God never was at war with us. We were warring against Him but now, as Christians, are at peace. We do NOT see Him as the enemy. We can lay our weapons down because He is not the enemy. It’s important to know that the enemy is Satan and our sin, which leads us astray from the goodness of God.

Is that how you live your life? Are you at peace with God? Or do you still try to fight Him and His will for your life?

Bottom line: Do you trust God or do you trust yourself more?

I trust God though I have sinful moments when I trust myself more, unfortunately. That’s where confession and repentance come in by God’s grace so that I may again walk in His abiding love and plan for me. You can do the same as can anyone I biblically counsel!

UnbelieversĀ are one step called “surrender” away from being at peace with God, Who already loves them!

-Mark (glad God brought real peace, a fruit of the Spirit, into my life)