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What a hard two weeks TIL has had! I had neck surgery, Jason had to get a wisdom tooth pulled that broke and exposed the nerve, two of our board members are going through a tough time this week, and now the best & worst news: please pray for Shirley as she mourns the death of her mother, Ms. Jeanie, who went to see her Savior and Lord Jesus this morning.

Obviously, it’s sad for us and a joyful occasion for Ms. Jeanie and those who know she’s with Jesus now!

I cannot say enough good things about Ms. Jeanie. She was full of zest for life, loved her Lord, served her Lord on the mission field and as an addictions counselor, loved her family, and made everyone around her smile, laugh, and experience joy! She was all about Jesus!

So she will be greatly missed, especially by Shirley who has been taking care of her for several years now. Please lift Shirley up to the Lord during this difficult time!

-Mark (thankful for Shirley who has become an important teammate for TIL and her sacrificial way of life in service of her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!)