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I recommend you read this SHORT psalm when you can because it is so comforting.

It reminds me NOT to strive to think about things that are “too profound for me” – but to trust God. The secret things belong to God and sometimes we think we can find answers that only God knows. God wants us to trust in Him, especially when our brains cannot fathom a particular situation.

Many biblical teachings are “supralogical” meaning that they ARE logical yet they are beyond human understanding. For example, Jesus walked the earth as 100% God and 100% man. That is beyond my comprehension though I know it is true. It is “supralogical.”

God is good meaning there is no bad in Him. He wants good for His children. I trust Him and am learning my limitations. His Word of truth provides many answers and explains His loving character to us, but it does not answer ALL the questions we may have: that’s where faith comes in! However, God has provided enough for us to trust in Him in the Bible.

Psalm 131 is a simple reminder to us to remember our place and God’s place in this world. He is our Lord and we are made in His image and belong to Him.

-Mark (trusting in the love and goodness of God)