Top Individual Fund Raiser

Top Individual Fund Raiser

Great job, Team Truth in Love! Your giving placed me in FIRST place for individuals raising donations. I received a nice trophy and I was on the local, CBS news affiliate: WLFI. Here’s the news clip online with video available later:

Overall, we were able to achieve our goal of raising $40,000.00 by God’s amazing power and grace. Wow! Just two weeks left before the race, and we were less than 50% of the way to our goal. God showed us His glory and we are grateful here at Faith Church in Lafayette, Indiana.

I cannot thank you enough for your kindness and giving. I had support from TIL folks as well as amazing support from some here in Indiana who supported TEAM TIL in the Race for Hope. It is a wonderful blessing to know that the body of Christ supports a church bold enough to help struggling women with life-dominating sin issues.

-Mark (blown away once again by God’s kindness overflowing to me and Vision of Hope at