Vision of Hope is $21,659.00 away from reaching our fundraising goal of $40k and we believe we can do it by God’s grace!!!

We need your help to make it! Again, please consider sponsoring me and Team Truth in Love at the following link:

Some of you have already given and I’m SOOOO grateful to you for sacrificing to help this great program. I have served at VOH for 4 weeks now and I am more impressed with the sponsoring church (Faith Church), the staff, the interns, and the residents than when I arrived. God is doing a special work here in Lafayette, IN, and I am grateful to be a small part of what He is doing.

You are demonstrating our Truth in Love spirit of supporting ministries like Vision of Hope with financial giving that furthers the Kingdom and I applaud you all for glorifying Christ through sacrificial giving!

-Mark (amazed by the work God is doing to advance His kingdom for His glory alone)