Howdy, Team TIL,

I have good news. This past week, your giving to the Race for Hope catapulted Team Truth in Love from last place to first place overall! Wowzers, and praise the Lord! There are 34 teams for Vision of Hope and we are now #1 by God’s grace.

From worst to first is an incredible turnaround and we are just so thankful to all of you who have given and are still planning to give to keep Team TIL in first place! That would be so cool if we keep that lead but I am more interested in making the overall goal of $40,000.00 for Race for Hope.

Here’s where we are RIGHT NOW:

Vision of Hope has $22,836.00 toward its $40k overall goal. That’s 57.1% of the goal with 6 days until the event.

Last week was a big week as $13,425.00 came in in donations.

We are very, very thankful for the giving and know that if (or when) we make our goal, it will be only because the Lord wants to demonstrate His glory in that specific way.

-Mark (thankful to God for you all and your overwhelming generosity)