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One of the best books I’ve read this year is Dr. David Platt’s Radical book. There is so much GOOD in this book. One aspect that stands out to me is how Americans tend to live the “American Dream” which often leads to bondage in the form of DEBT! Most people live ABOVE their salaries rather than living BELOW their means so that they can give and bless others!

Now, for some of us like me, we don’t make a lot of money so we have to live what I call the Radical Life in Reverse = meaning we might sacrifice some of the income we could make in order to do ministry and to serve others. This is what my wife and I have chosen to do right now. She could work and bring in an extra income; however, she and I have chosen to keep her at home so that she can serve the Lord by helping me in ministry, homeschooling our children, and being available to help those in need. So, we are “poor” only by American standards, but “poor” by choice!

But we love it! We are NOT in bondage to THINGS and we are free to do ministry for the glory of God!

-Mark (thankful to be poor and rich all at the same time! poor = world’s standards of material goods & rich = spiritually wealthy by God’s grace)