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Did you know that bunnies and eggs are NOT part of the original resurrection account in the Bible? They are nowhere to be found in the biblical account of the historical resurrection.

So where do chocolate eggs, bunnies, and even the word “Easter” come from? They have pagan origins. The word “Easter” even refers to a pagan goddess and pagan legends.

Centuries ago, Christians united with pagans for an Easter celebration. Today, we do not think anything of it but is it good to mix the sacred with the secular? Is it a distraction? Maybe it’s no big deal. Maybe it is.

Pagans worshipped fertility gods and celebrated with rabbits (who give birth to lots of rabbits – they multiply!) and eggs which are both symbols of fertility.

So, I’m not condemning you if you celebrate Easter (I prefer to call it “Resurrection Day”) or if you eat chocolate bunnies (I like them, too). I do not want to condemn – I merely want to tell you the truth in love so that you might consider these things.

Pure religion undefiled is to give to widows and orphans. It’s giving. Let’s make the holidays about giving to others and about serving Him and NOT about what we can receive because we’ve already received the greatest gift of all: eternal life!

Do some real research to see if these things are true. Find out the truth about this holiday. Most of all, read about the resurrection of Jesus Christ in the New Testament and get encouragement from Him.

I assure you of this. The resurrection of Jesus Christ has to do only with the power of God and no pagan traditions!

-Mark (celebrating the resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ today – so thankful He died and was raised from the dead)