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My family was treated to a FREE showing of Shrek 4 recently. We rarely go to new movies but do watch some of them occasionally at home.

As far as the old Shrek movies go, my wife and I did not like the bathroom humor and mature jokes meant for adults so we did not let our children watch parts 2 & 3. I know, I know, some of you think we are too strict but it’s the messages behind the movie that are our primary concern. Worldly messages are a concern!

However, a free movie was worth the risk so we thought…and we could leave if we wanted to. Thankfully, we were pleased that there were not too many mature jokes (there were a few like the gingerbread man dropping his pants and some other innuendos) in Shrek 4.

In fact, the good news is that I took the opportunity to tell my children on the way home that Shrek’s one decision to have fun for one day is similar to a person’s choice to sin just once for pleasure. The consequences of Shrek’s decision led to pain and heartache for those he loved and we all know that sin never affects just one person. At the very least, it affects the sinner and his/her relationship with Christ so at least 2 persons are involved from that perspective! Often, sin affects entire families and friends!

I want to encourage you parents to look for teachable moments to share the Gospel with your children and their need for Christ. Instill in them biblical values and use any tool to teach. Jesus taught using the life lessons around Him. You and I should do the same.

-Mark (grateful that Shrek 4 was a decent movie with an ok story and a good moral lesson – 3 stars!)