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As I prepared for a devotional for our ladies group, God gave me
the phrase, “Some nuts are hard to crack.”  Think about that.  If
you take a bowl of mixed nuts and a nutcracker, some nuts crack
open with very little pressure and come out in one piece.  Others
take more pressure and the nut usually has to be pried out of the
shell in pieces. The macadamia nut is said to have the hardest
shell of any nut.  It takes 300 pounds of pressure per square
to crack it open.  It also takes much practice and skill to
apply just the right amount of pressure so the nut comes out
whole instead of smashed to smithereens!  They even make a
special device just for macadamias…a cup-shaped tool with a small
indented hole just the right size to fit the macadamia and a
special hammer to hit it with. 

People can be a little like those nuts.  They can have a hard
shell that keeps them from a relationship with God.  The shell is
so tough that sometimes it seems there’s no way to penetrate
through it.  The good news is, you are not the nutcracker!  God
is the divine nutcracker.  He alone is able to penetrate that

When a person is being held captive by satan, when they are
allowing sin in their life and turning from God, a hardness
surrounds their heart.  They develop a wall as thick as the wall
of Jericho and as hard and tough as a macadamia shell.  It’s easy
to look at a person like this and think they will never change.
There is no way to crack through that hard shell.  But that’s not
what God says!  He says in Proverbs 16:9 that even though a man
decides the path he takes, God directs his steps.  He is always
putting things in their path to get them back on the right track.



-Jason (Thankful God cracked my nut!)