We keep all like statistics. We like to know how many teens are on drugs, how many marriages end in divorce (over 50%), and stats like those.

But when the goal is wrong, the statistic will be wrong, too.

Someone we know and love recommended we keep stats on certain things in our ministry. We agreed and we do that. But our overall goal cannot be measured in a statistic though it is always measured. Always, by God, that is.

Our primary goal is not JUST to reconcile marriages, see people get off of drugs, or even lead people to Christ – though those are ALL good goals and ALL of them are our SECONDARY goals. We want God to move in our ministry and He does to achieve those secondary goals! Praise His Name!

But our PRIMARY goal is to please God and to glorify His Name. Therefore, we must accurately speak His TRUTH in the LOVE of the Holy Spirit to the glory of His Name. Sometimes, we do that and someone chooses to reject Christ or His answers to their problems. That happens.

In those cases where someone rejects Christ, our secondary goal statistics will be lowered; however, our primary goal of pleasing God is the same because all we can do is present His truth in His love. We lay the truth out there with CLARITY and then the person has a decision to make whether to reject it or accept it. When we do our part, we honor God and He is pleased.

Now, it is possible for us to lower our statistics on primary goal #1. This happens when we are not bold enough to speak the truth OR not loving enough. Either of those things happen when our FLESH gets in the way of the Holy Spirit so we must always be careful to allow Christ to do His work through us! This is a big responsibility because we do not want to quench the Holy Spirit.

So our statistics may be misleading to you, but it is possible for us to be 100% on our first goal to glorify God. That’s the only stat that counts because it’s eternal and it’s to please the Lord!

What a great way to live!

-Mark (thankful that my statistics don’t get me into heaven!)