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The heart of God is giving. To me, that is Who God is – a Giver of life, a Giver of eternal life, a Giver of His love, a Giver in general. What can I give God that He has not first given me?

That’s why I think the 8th Commandment of not stealing is so dear to God’s heart. It is unloving to steal. It is taking rather than giving. It is taking what is not given to you and was given to someone else by the grace of God. In that sense, it is a TWOFOLD sin damaging yourself in your relationship with Christ and the person you stole from!

I love Ephesians 4:28 which gives us the antidote to stealing. The antidote is TWOFOLD: work and give to the needy.

We are to work and give to the needy. That’s why I love Truth in Love – we are a giving ministry. Most people cannot afford biblical counseling so we provide it for free thanks to your generous support of our ministry!

That’s why I also like working with Christ Health Center – they are a giving ministry providing healthcare to those in real need.

It’s a great partnership founded on the heart of God – GIVING to those in need. We all work together to give to those in need.

-Mark (God is an amazing GIVER)