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As some of you know, I’ve been furiously working on a new book called Strength in Numbers. The book should be released soon and deals with the powerful principle of teamwork in ministry. I think this book will encourage us to be more relational in life and in ministry.

As I mourn the loss of a great friend, I remember how much better life is when we share it intimately with close friends. Friends are not afraid to show each other their vulnerabilities. Likewise, in team biblical counseling, two partners must be HUMBLE and unafraid to show their weaknesses to each other: it takes courage to be humble. You must understand that there is only One who is perfect – the Lord Jesus Christ. The rest of us are growing by grace.

Marriage is the best example I can think of for partnership in ministry. Two married persons must work together to battle the lies of this world, encourage each other, and to raise godly children. It is difficult work to say the least but so rewarding when the two pull together – and become one flesh.

-Mark (thankful for my best partner in ministry, my faithful, committed, and encouraging wife, Mary)