Friday, November 6, 2015

Mgad (the Great)

Mgad (the Great)

My Trip to Egypt (part 6) – The Truth Hurts

Tim and I made a dear friend at the conference. His name is Mgad and he was great: a great friend and source of humor for us! We love this mighty man of God! He was less than 5 feet tall, very witty, and a ton of energy.

Mgad kept saying that Tim’s program was too hard and too truthful. On the other hand, Mgad kept saying my program and I am Mr. Gracious because I am just overflowing with grace – from his perspective of course! So we all had some fun with that – Tim is Truth and I am Grace. According to John 1:14, Jesus was both truth and grace:

And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we have seen his glory, glory as of the only Son from the Father, full of grace and truth.

Tim and I are striving to be like Christ – full of grace and full of truth – though admittedly we fall short at times.

In one of the early workshops, Tim taught that he had a guy in his program who on the 31st day of the month had only written 28 of the 30 Proverbs and had neglected to do his other two assigned days. Tim checked his homework and because he had not completed the entire assignment, Tim tore up his written assignment and had him do it again. Mgad said to the whole group of 60+ students, “If I had a man that I was counseling and I tore up 28 days of homework, he would leave and go buy two Tramadol.” (note: Tramadol is a commonly abused drug in Egypt!) Mgad said this right off the bat and Tim said, “Well, then you will know where his heart is.” It was a hilarious exchange though not many laughed (I laughed to myself). Tim and I laughed about it later as we got to know Mgad better and realized he was being honest and funny!


Mark, Mgad, and Tim

So later that night, Tim told the story of a elderly man in his 90’s taking care of his wife in a tender way, feeding her, wiped her mouth with a napkin, put her lipstick on, and even walked her out of the restaurant. His point was how a husband can love his wife sacrificially, which was a big deal in this culture. So Tim said to Mgad, “Hey, did you hear the grace there? I have grace, too.” Mgad responded, “No, you told a story of grace – it wasn’t you being gracious” in a thick Arabic accent. I laughed so hard and Tim did, too, that we were crying. Mgad got Tim and he didn’t speak a whole lot of English!

Another story happened when Tim saw Mgad talking on the phone to his wife once and Tim said, “If I can’t talk to my wife, you can’t talk to yours.” Once again, Tim was portraying Mr. Truth to Mgad who had some fun with that. Mgad called Tim “Bruhzer Truce” (or Brother Truth with an accent) and we continued teasing and laughing about it even on Saturday. The truth hurt our mid-sections because we laughed so hard at Mgad’s funny, truthful comments!

We have pics with Mgad where he stood on three steps to be as tall as us. He insisted. 🙂

Mark – (I miss this brother already and am eager to see him again in heaven!)