In America, we don’t live in a kingdom with a real king. Instead, we have a President and branches of government to protect us from a one man rule since the government recognizes the potential that unlimited power to one fallen, fallible, and sinful man will likely lead to a tyrannical dictator where people may be abused and taken advantage of.

But there is one king who is coming to set up His kingdom and He is truly, purely just and will rule perfectly according to His Word and His Will: Jesus is the King I speak of.

In that day, the world will revolve around Him as every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord! Now, in this life, Jesus Christ is still King and He rules even though many fail to recognize Him as King. Christians do and demonstrate it by submitting to His Word and His Spirit as they live out their lives in this world and spread the Gospel (“good news”) that surrendering to this King now will lead to eternal bliss with Him as King in the future!

What a message that the King has entrusted to us and we are allowed to share it freely with others!

Let me urge you: none of us wants to relinquish our own desires to be king and our own kingdoms. But THIS King, He alone is worthy. No other King is like this King Jesus! He is righteous, just, and willingly died for people who did NOT deserve His love yet He loves them! He will not be a tyrant taking advantage of people and abusing them. No! Instead, He was abused and He suffered because of our sins and He will now rule with truth and grace. No worries in this new kingdom because Jesus has got it covered!

Let’s serve Him today and “go and make disciples of all nations” for His glory and for others to share in experiencing the eternal bliss to come with Him forever.

-Mark (wow-ed by King Jesus when I read the Word of God)

P.S. To get into this kingdom, you must surrender your own kingdom wishes and take yourself off of the throne. There is only room for One on the throne of your heart!