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I heard someone say recently, “Tiger had it all. Riches, power, success, a supermodel wife from Sweden, two kids, and played golf all day, the sport he loves…He had it all. I wish I had that life!” 

In the world’s eyes, he had it all but it didn’t fulfill him because natural things do not satisfy us completely. All of us are seeking after more…just wait until the day AFTER Christmas when children start playing with their old toys again or some of their toys break. We are exactly like that – we enjoy things for a little while until we get the next thing!

But did Tiger really have it all?

I don’t know if he did, but IF he didn’t have Christ, he didn’t. When you have Christ, you have it all. Nothing more is to be gained. Mark 8:36 (ESV): “For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his soul?”

I hope Tiger looks to Christ through all of this. I hope his eyes are turned toward the Lord. If they are, then all of this will be worth it, even losing all of his riches, fame, and prestige. The things of this world are temporary not eternal. They do not last. Only life in Christ is eternal.

-Mark (hoping we all learn a lesson about what really matters and that Tiger comes to know Christ either for the first time or for a deeper relationship with Him if it already exists – let’s pray for Tiger!)