Anyone who has ever been impacted by the 5 year ministry of Truth in Love is invited to attend a “family” reunion October 6th at 2 pm in Modular Room M15 at The Church at Brook Hills. We’ll be there until 4 pm and hope some of you will drop by to say “hello” to us.

Truth in Love Ministries has had an amazing 5 year run and by God’s grace, we’ll have 5 more years of ministry, too! Find out what all is happening and planning to happen with TIL in days ahead.

Counselees and Counselors are invited to join us for this free event. RSVP by calling 205-910-0085 to let us know you are coming. You will speak to Ronny who will be there, too, along with Bill Dill, Shirley Crowder, Tyler Nash, Jason Cooke, Sonya Hendricks, Hal Parks, Jack Schreiner, Randa Davis McWhorter, Beth Fuller, and many others!

Find out what all of those folks are doing now. Some of them have big news to share, too.

-Mark (Eager to see my brothers and sisters in Christ – my family!)