What an exciting time for us at TIL!

We are grateful to be serving Christ with Dr. Robert Record and his staff at Christ Health Center. Dr. Record is an amazing, humble servant of Christ and I strongly recommend him for those of you looking for a primary physician at Christ Health Center. He is an excellent doctor.

We are enjoying working closely with him. What a blessing to be submitted to his leadership!

Also, we thank you for your patience in our time of transition. We are currently in 4 locations at the time of this writing and we only have 2 full-time staff persons. God is truly amazining!

We counsel at CHC all week, at Bethel Baptist Church in Moody on Tuesdays, at Clay Christian Fellowship in Clay, AL, on Wednesdays, and at Philadelphia Baptist Church in Cahaba Heights on Fridays. We are grateful for all three of these churches and the opportunity they have given us to serve Christ. Our desire is to establish biblical counseling ministries that stand-alone and are fully church operated in God’s perfect timing.

-Mark (rejoicing in God’s outpouring of love)