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Recently, we were blessed to have been taught by Dr. Jason Lisle at the Creation Museum in Petersburg, KY, at a “Stargazers Event.” What a great night!

Dr. Lisle, author of Ultimate Proof, is a brilliant, Christian man. He showed us globular star clusters, the space station that is orbiting the earth now, and the moon up close and personal. It was incredible and we never would have seen these things from our telescope in our backyard.

But the coolest part of it was that we got to see Saturn with its rings and three of its moons. I cannot describe to you how incredible it was to see Saturn through the telescope after looking at it in books for so many years. We were all amazed at how awesome our God is who NAMES all of the billions of stars in the heavens! What counseling problem is too big for Him?

God is our God of creation and His creation is marvelous. God is much more marvelous than His creation!

-Mark (blown away at God’s power)