I met with two of our biblical counselors recently and they were discussing an interesting topic. Here was the question they were asking each other (and me!):

Are you operating TO victory


are you operating FROM victory?

One little preposition makes a BIG difference. Think about the two of these for a moment. TO victory or FROM victory?

As Christians, we must be operating FROM victory. Actually, I’d say we must be operating FROM victory TO victory.

Often as Christians, we live looking TO the next victory while forgetting the past victory that we came FROM. Many Christians only live for the NEXT victory and forget that the victory has already been won at Calvary by our Lord Jesus Christ. If we forget that we are already victorious and only look forward TO victory, then we may get depressed or anxious about our difficult circumstances in tough times.

I hope this blog makes sense. If not, post a response and I”ll expound more.

We must operate FROM victory, remembering what Christ did for us and how much power He has given us to fulfill His calling upon our lives.

The powerful implication herein is that counselees and counselors must rest in the work that Christ did on the old rugged cross. Biblical counseling hinges upon the application of this great truth which produces results that please God and transform the counselee’s life.

-Mark (thankful for the victory that Christ has won and learning to operate FROM victory TO victory)