I love serving the Lord at Vision of Hope. I love my “job” – job has quotation marks because it is a calling not a job! I truly believe I am a guy who is handcrafted by God for the position of Executive Director. God can use anyone and I’m not saying I’m the chosen one or the only one – just that God has molded me for that position and I do enjoy it so much. Only by His grace can I do what I do at VoH.

A few of things I love:

1) Talking to people about God’s power to transform. God is at work transforming lives and we get to witness it on a daily basis.

2) Leading the staff and interns to think biblically. What is difficult about working in a residential program is that it convicts your heart every day. The challenges there bring out the best and worst in your heart and only the Holy Spirit produces the best in and through me.

3) Working alongside godly men like Rob Green. Rob is a complete guy and the real deal. He is a huge blessing in my life and we love the Green family. What a gifted man to challenge me!

I am sure I’ll post more reasons later but these are just a few for now. Faith Church is an unbelievable church that emphasizes God’s glory, service to Him, transformational change into Christ’s image, and grace.

-Mark (filled with thankfulness)