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When you read the title of today’s post, what came to mind?  Did you envision the father of a daughter grilling a perspective suiter?  Perhaps a friend who questioned your motives behind a certain action?  Do we ask ourselves this question hundreds of times a week?  What are our intentions?  Are they self satisfying, or God honoring? 

It really made me think long and hard last night when confronted with this question by a dear person in my life…  My lifelong intentions now are different than what they were even a short year ago.  Primarily it boils down to what motivates you…  What used to motivate me, now has the oppossite effect.  I am ruined for anything other than what God has in His agenda for my life.  But what does that look like?  How do we flesh out what our intentions are when we are desiring to follow Christ?  By reading and obeying His Word. He will show us what He desires for us to think, say and do…. What a relief!

Mark has been posting recently on Wrong Action, Right Heart, and the Holy Spirit has been convicting me!  I am experiencing the question “what are your intentions” from God regarding a person whom I love…  Well it’s time to answer. 

I have obligations, to a very special person in my life, that I “intend” on keeping.  But it goes beyond that.  I have a love for this person, that is focused on and growing in God.  When God showed compassion in the Bible, it always moved Him to action. This being said, it’s time for me to be moved to action, and follow through with not good, but God intentions.

In the end, only our actions can bear witness, to where our hearts really stand. (James 2:22)  Less Talk, More Walk <A BUMPER STICKER ON MY CAR> You’d think I get a clue by now…..

Please pray that I stand firm, and fulfill ALL the obligations of LOVE God has for me with this special someone.  In trials, our character for Christ, really has a chance to shine…

Who knows what He has in store, but I can be assured it is For His Good! His Word says so…



-Jason  (love: the offense for which there is no defense)