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In our culture, we read our language into the meaning of biblical words. For example, when the Bible says that “God is good” it means that there is “no bad” in God at all. “Good” means the absence of “bad.”

When we say the word “good,” we often mean it’s o.k. or it will make do. We do not always think of “good” as being perfect without any bad in it. So sometimes, people think, “God is good as in good, better, best. He’s o.k.” but that is not what the BIble means! It means He alone is perfect.

When the Bible says about people that “no one is good, no not one” man is “good,” it means that mankind does have some “bad” in him/her because of our sin nature. We are not perfect unlike God Who is perfect.

So, let’s rejoice that “God is good” meaning that He is awesome and perfect – not like us!

-Mark (asking God to purify me through His sanctification process that occurs ONLY in Christ)