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It is wrong with a capital “W” to mistreat animals. No doubt about it! Animal cruelty is unacceptable at any level.

Here’s my question: why is our society seemingly more upset about cruelty to animals such as the situation that happened with Mr. Michael Vick than it is outraged at the number of “unwanted pregnancy” abortions?

This is a sensitive subject and provokes lots of feelings, I know. I was recently struck by the insensitivity to the issue of abortion and the sensitivity to animal cruelty. I respect animals yet I am more outraged at our country’s stance toward abortion!

Whenever I’ve spoken to a woman who has had an abortion in her past, I am always deeply saddened as she tells me of the regret, pain, and hurt from her decision to abort. I’ve not had anyone tell me that they were glad to have made the decision to abort yet you do not hear these stories in the media. 

Maybe our unconfessed sins and hard hearts toward abortion are part of the reason why God is allowing our country to go through hard economic times. God is calling us to repent!

It’s time for us in the U.S.A. to repent and to ask God for mercy for our murderous hearts! We should be outraged at abortion and its devastating, lifelong consequences for women.

-Mark (grieving the sins of our nation and the lack of our repentance)