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In a fallen world cursed by man’s sin, if you look at your circumstances to determine God’s love for you then you might not come to the conclusion that God loves you.

For example, the person who has been raped, lost a child to death, lost a job, or divorced against his/her will have trouble believing that God is good and loving if they ONLY look at the circumstances of their lives. “How can God love me and allow this ______ to have occurred?” is the common question of people who are focusing upon their situation and circumstances of this life.

For this reason, one MUST look at the biblical accounts of Calvary where Jesus Christ gave His life for our sins so that we might believe in Him and have eternal life. Our view must be upon Christ and His sacrifice for our sins and in His Second Coming to establish His eternal kingdom. We will live eternally with Him forever! We are called to walk by FAITH which does not always know what the Lord intends for a given situation. But we ALWAYS know that God means that situation ultimately for our good and for His glory (Rom. 8:28).

Where is your gaze? Is it on your temporary circumstances in this life? Have you lost a job, someone you’ve loved, material possessions, or the like?

I encourage you to fix your gaze upon the Person of the Lord Jesus Christ and His gift to you on that wondrous, old rugged cross! Read the Gospel accounts of Jesus in the Bible and remind yourself of how much God does love you. If you look at anything else in your life, you might forget how much He loves you.

-Mark (amazed that He loves us little creatures! & reminded that God is redemptive!)