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The last few days have been so humbling.  God has just been revealing Himself and moving in every situation in such a MIGHTY way!  I had the privilege today of sharing Church with a young married couple who are growing in the Lord.  The way everything is working out with this situation, it’s ALL GOD! 

Have you ever just had a day or two, maybe a week, or even a month where things just seemed effortless?  Well that is what I am writing about today… Now don’t misread this as I don’t have challenges… That would be untrue.  But when we actually realize that it’s ALL GOD, then at that moment, season, or stage in our life, we can truly understand that it’s ALL GOOD when it’s centered around God’s Grace…

Human effort, accomplishes nothing the Bible states in John 6:63. Never have I been more aware of just how active God is in our lives, than this past week.  It seems lately, each week I make this statement, then He goes and exceeds it the following week!  We are 100% responsible for our actions, and God is 100% Sovereign.  He requires our obedience, and through it, He brings the Supernatural!  Someone once told me, God will always add the Super to our natural….

Guess I don’t really have a central theme to this post, except that I am rejoicing at this time in my life where God is clearly showing me just how much it’s ALL ABOUT HIM!

-Jason (Open my eyes Lord to the wondrous works of Your Almighty hands!)