How many LOCAL churches are willing to oversee and support a residential program for women struggling with unplanned pregnancies, life-dominating sin issues such as addictions and self-harm habits, eating disorders, and the like?

The sad answer: not many.

Even churches with tons of financial resources who could sponsor and oversee a program are often unwilling to risk it. They don’t want the liability, the headaches, and the hard work that it takes to be committed to succeed in such an endeavor. OR they are ill-equipped to run such a facility in a biblical manner, preferring to let the government sponsor residential programs with worldly, man-centered, ungodly, and un-biblical messages that lead struggling souls AWAY from the One True, Living God.

That’s really what it comes down to for me: churches are giving up ground that God gave them to take dominion over to government and pagan entities who are making disciples but with the wrong message, not the Gospel. I strongly believe “addicts” are an UN-reached people group right here beneath our noses in the U.S.A. How will they ever hear the Gospel if the church gives up its commission to make disciples? The local church IS the only answer.

Residential programs are challenging and Faith Church ( is willing to take on the challenge! Praise God!

For this reason, I want to BLESS Faith Church with a great fundraising event, Race for Hope, that will take some of the financial pressure off of the leadership.

Our goal is $40,000.00 and Team Truth in Love is actually the team leading in sponsorship money! All by God’s grace and thanks to your support! Vision of Hope is a GREAT ministry where I am privileged to serve now and we still need your help and financial support.

Please consider sponsoring me and Team Truth in Love at the following link:

Some of you have already given and I appreciate you making Team TIL #1 in the teams supporting Race for Hope to help Vision of Hope and Faith Church take dominion that God has given to all churches to advance His kingdom.

-Mark (making disciples while being faithful to the Gospel for His glory alone)