The Addiction Connection (TAC) is a ministry outreach of Truth in Love (TIL) Ministries and operates under the oversight of the TIL Board of Directors and TIL Founder Dr. Mark E. Shaw.

The threefold purpose of TAC is found in our acronym:

T = TRAINING is provided for persons seeking to study what the Bible has to say about “addictions.” This training is designed to strengthen one’s personal walk with Christ and can be additionally utilized as foundational teaching in the pursuit of Commissioning with TAC (CTAC).

A = ADDICTION RESOURCES are listed for those seeking to find genuinely biblical programs, churches, and individual counselors. TAC strives to uphold truth so we evaluate programs, churches, and counselors giving them a score called the Word Connection Rating (WCR). Because not every “Christian” program practices and believes in the Scriptures in the same way, our goal is to list every program, church, or counselor on our site with their WCR so that all Christians can be included with an honest evaluation of how they practice their counsel to those in the struggle with an addiction. In other words, TAC does not determine whether a program, church, or individual counselor is “Christian” or not (because that is not for us to decide); instead, TAC does evaluate the underlying philosophy of counseling to determine its approach to be genuinely biblical in both words and actions (see James 1:22) through the WCR.

We would like to list your organization, ministry, program, or church for free. We will list any that profess Christ and complete our application and WCR. There is no cost. However, the WCR must be posted for your organization to be listed on the Resource Page.

C = COMMISSIONING rather than “CERTIFICATION”. Our process is intentionally a relational disciple-making process in order to best assess and strengthen those who are seeking to be genuinely biblical in their approach to addiction. While education and academics have a part, commissioning is more about relationship and multiplication.


We want to meet you. Our desire is to help as many Christians as possible fulfill their calling to offer hope and help to those struggling with life-dominating “addictions.” Let’s join together in this vital Kingdom work of “Connecting the Hope of the Gospel With the Heart of Addiction.”

Introduce yourself to us by emailing or by calling 205-910-0085. We look forward to getting to know you.

You can also use this CONTACT US form.