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Where do I go for help? Is that a good biblical program? At The Addiction Connection, we recommend you start here in your search for people and programs who care for souls with a genuinely biblical approach.

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We want to equip you to help those struggling with addiction find hope and help through Jesus Christ. Get Commissioned through two-on-one disciple-making, and discover all the addictions counseling training courses we offer online, including CEUs approved by ACBC.

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This is not an online bookstore but a collection of our favorite resources that we have utilized and recommend as we care for souls in a biblical way.

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The Addiction Connection is a collective of biblical counselors and ministries united for the purpose of training and equipping the Body of Christ in biblically helping addicts and their loved ones.


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The Addiction Connection (TAC) desires to be inclusive rather than exclusive because the fight against addiction can be overwhelming. We want to gain as many allies in this battle as possible. At the same time, TAC stands upon the wise counsel of God as provided in His Word and will not compromise the truths of Scripture because we seek to glorify God by being faithful to His Word.

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