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Commissioned Addictions Biblical Counselor (CABC) 

One of the main things we do at TAC is commission those who are called by God to biblically counsel people struggling with addiction. This process is more than just taking some training courses. While sound theology is the foundation, our 100% virtual commissioning process is relational and practical: preparing you for real ministry to those enslaved to addiction.

This process has 7 Stages, and you can begin working on the Pre-Requisites (Stage 1) TODAY, without any commitment! 

Ready to get started?!

Overview of Commissioning Process

Step 1: Pre-Requisite Training

Do this first: Fundamentals of Addictions Biblical Counselor Training (15 Lessons).

Read 4 Books:

  • The Heart of Addiction by Shaw
  • Addictions: A Banquet in the Grave by Welch
  • Gospel Treason by Bigney
  • The Useful Lie by Playfair and Bryson.

Start working on these TODAY!

Step 2: Application Process – Online & Written

Step 3: Interview Fee & Scheduling Appointment

Pay $50 HERE for your interview fee and in the comment/message box, tell us a day of the week and/or time slot that typically works for you. This will be a phone interview with one of our staff.

You’ll receive an email from us confirming your appointment.

Step 4: Complete Supplemental Work Assigned

Complete any supplemental training as assigned by your interviewer. This may be reading additional books or completing other assignments which enhance your theology and counseling understanding and skills.

Step 5: Connect with Assigned Commissioning Team

Meet virtually with a two-person Disciple-Making Team for a relational dialogue as you work through the 40 Questions: DOWNLOAD 40 QUESTIONS HERE.

The expectation is that the applicant would complete 5 questions per week over an 8-week time period.

Step 6: Prepare & Complete Final Evaluation – Case Study

Complete Final Evaluation with a new set of Commissioners during a one-time meeting (typically takes 1-2 hours). This includes 10 questions and 2 case studies. DOWNLOAD HERE

Step 7: Pay for Commissioning & Congratulations

The total cost is $635. Once paid, you are now a Commissioned Addictions Biblical Counselor (CABC). You will be recognized and received your certificate of commissioning at The Addiction Connection Leadership Summit or it will be mailed to you.

Additionally, your name will be listed alongside other Commissioned Addictions Biblical Counselors.


Online Application for Commissioning

This is Part A of your application. Part B can be found at the end of this application.

If you haven’t yet completed the Fundamentals of Addiction Biblical Counseling, you can register for the online course HERE.

Then fill out the online application below. 

    Check the degrees of Bible Education you've attained

    Required Reading- Check off completed ones
    Heart of Addiction - Mark ShawAddictions: A Banquet in the Grave - Edward WelchGospel Treason - Brad BigneyThe Useful Lie - Wm. Playfair & Geo. Bryson

    Now that you have completed the online portion of the application, download the written portion HERE, then after completion, email it to [email protected].

    You may pay for commissioning in partial or full amounts. Find out more below: 

    Commissioning Payments

    Feel free to email us with any questions about commissioning, training, or however else we may be of assistance to you.

    How long does Commissioning take?

    You can expect the entire process, not including prerequisite or supplemental training, to take 3-to-4 months. Time for completion depends primarily on you.

    How much does it cost?

    $635, not including the separate cost of Fundamentals ($97).

    Note that $50 (of the $635) is due before the interview process. The rest can be paid by installments sometime before the completion of your Final Evaluation.

    Do I have to pay right away?

    No, with the exception of the $50 interview fee. You may pay by installments HERE

    Where do I direct any questions or concerns during the process?

    I’m ACBC, IABC, or have similar credentials. Will that help me in Commissioning?

    Yes. We individualize the Commissioning Process for those who have completed prior training or have extensive experience in biblical addiction counseling.

    Does it help me get a job at a church?

    We cannot make any guarantees. This process demonstrates your seriousness and willingness to learn. This training equips you with the necessary skills to counsel an addict using the Bible while relying upon Holy Spirit.

    Is Commissioning a certification?

    You will receive a very nice certificate upon completion of CABC; however, we call this process commissioning for two reasons. First, we want to avoid confusion with any official secular and governmental designations that use the word certification. Second, we want to be thoroughly biblical and believe that the term commissioning better embodies what we do.

    As a small part of the Body of Christ, The Addiction Connection does not believe that we have the absolute authority to entrust a ministry charge or illicit a commitment to ministry. Rather, we believe these are functions of our Lord Jesus. When we commission someone as an addictions Biblical counselor, we are simply agreeing with Christ’s call and work in his or her life. Christ entrusts us as His people to carry on His work until He returns.

    If you just break the word down, you get co-missioning, as in we are on mission together. That is exactly what we are to be about. Jesus has commissioned us to be about His mission together—making disciples of all people, including those who have been enslaved by addictive behavior. Being a commissioned counselor with the Addiction Connection means being a part of a disciple-making team, so you will never be alone in the work!

    I want to commission my whole staff. How will this work?

    We love this idea.

     Keep in mind that Commissioning is an individualized process, meaning each person will learn at their own pace and progress through the stages independently. Each of your staff will need to take an interest and take control of their own CABC process for this idea to be successful.

    We would recommend that you yourself get Commissioned, first, and then we can discuss options for you helping your whole staff be Commissioned.


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