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The Addiction Connection is distinct because our network is united in its purpose of helping those struggling with addiction issues and their families through biblically identifying the problem, as God does in His Word, and pointing them to the sufficient solution found in Christ Jesus alone.

For a Church or Program to become part of the TAC Network, at least one key staff member (Director or Counselor) must become a Commissioned Addictions Biblical Counselor (CABC) or hold an ACBC specialization in addiction.

Our commissioning process is more than just taking some training courses. While sound theology is the foundation, our 100% virtual commissioning process is relational and practical: preparing and strengthening you for real ministry to those enslaved to addiction. Commissioned individuals who complete the process are listed on our website and able to encourage one another through relational connections.

TAC does not exist to exclude people who do not think theologically in the very same way that others do. The Lord brings each of us to an understanding of His Word that deepens and can change as the Christ-follower grows (i.e., end time views). As long as a candidate agrees with the basic tenets of Scripture, which is what the 40-questions are getting at and can demonstrate that by the work of the Holy Spirit they can take these theological truths and help a person apply them to their lives in a practical, life-transforming way, they’re in!

How does our Church or Program Join the TAC Network?


  1. Read & E-sign our Statement of Faith.
  2. Gain an Addictions Biblical Counseling credential by completing the Commissioning Process!
  3. Fill out the online application below.

Once these are complete, a team member from The Addiction Connection will contact you for a brief interview. Questions? Please email us [email protected]


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    Make sure you do the following:

    1. Read & E-sign our Statement of Faith.
    2. Start the Commissioning Process!


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