Fundamentals of Biblical Addictions Counseling

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One thought on “Family Dynamics”

  1. ” You do not have to use to suffer from addiction, (idolatry) behavior”. We all play a part on the stage of life, positive or negative. I believe the most important thing to remember is to refuse to give up on the loved one. unconditional love, rules and boundaries MUST be set, or it becomes quicksand and the devil enjoys seeing you drown slowly. Keep believing change is possible, patient love ( my area of difficulty) and faithfulness is exactly what they need to make the conversion or turnabout. His unconditional love was demonstrated in the father with his sons in the prodigal 92). The power of love has the ability to transform anyone and anything. It’s a promise from HIM. Be a instrument of love and it does conquer all. Jesus did and still does love unconditionally. God gives us the strength to go through. Pain and suffering in my life is an opportunity for new life. Wait UPON THE Lord.

    Continuing In His Steps,

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