Fundamentals of Biblical Addictions Counseling

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One thought on “Leaning on Jesus (Tim Brown)”

  1. WOW the best yet!
    It continues to be a choice. We decide to use our own strength which is weak and actually faulty. (Jeremiah.17:5) , human effort at it’s worst, flesh driven, and our earthly, worldly nature based on human efforts and ideas. Option 2, and the best is found in Jeremiah 17:7-8 is a person who has decided to lean on Jesus.

    Option leaves us frustrated, confused, angry and playing the blame game, “look what they did to me, no one understands” ; poor me attitude, pour me another drink mentality”. Option two, (Jesus) offering what He would have us do in the first place, depending on His grace to help us all the way through which does require putting (surrendering) all of of trust in Him. Result when this happens is satisfaction , new thinking, new heart, new life.

    All the world is looking for a source of power, strength, we will either lean on our own understanding (flesh), or lean on the Lord.Jesus is life, addiction is death and a thief. My prayer today is Lord help me t; put my faith and trust in you, leaning on Your loving, strong arms in every situation I encounter today. You are my author and finisher of my life.

    I use to suffer from SLD..Slow-Learners- Disease, not true anymore. God will never leave us helpless, he is SERIOUS about a relationship with us, He promises to never leave us without support. ( Hebrews 13:5-6)

    Renew my heart and mind Jesus,

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