Kubadalika is a Swahili word for “transform” and we’ve been saying that word a lot around TIL lately as we plan to launch a missionary work in Kenya in the next 6 months.

We praise the Lord that He is allowing us to do ministry in Alabama, the U.S. (MN, OH, NJ, etc.), and likely in other countries like Kenya and possibly Japan where biblical counseling is needed because the Gospel is needed! That’s simply what we do: disciple people by sharing the compassion of the Gospel with hurting souls who either need salvation or sanctification.

Kubadalika (koo – bah – dah – leek – uh) is what we want God to do everywhere: TRANSFORM the hearts of mankind (Rom. 12:2).

-Mark (that’s about the only Swahili word I know other than Jambo – “hello”)