It is important to know that counselors are utilizing a genuinely biblical approach to addictions and are committed to offering “The Hope of the Gospel for the Heart of Addiction.”

These individuals from across the country have received biblical training and disciple-making specifically in the area of addiction and biblical counseling and have demonstrated a biblical standard for addiction counseling by pointing hurting souls to Christ and His Word for hope. Subsequently, they achieved COMMISSIONING through The Addiction Connection as a Commissioned Addictions Biblical Counselor. We can confidently recommend these people/counselors to you.


(Please note: we are not emphasizing academics but training and mentoring).

Pam Anderson

Hurricane, WV

Liz Beck

Gilbert, AZ

Gerald Birkelbach

New Jersey

Tim Brown

Woodstock, GA

Jeff Bryant

Indianapolis, IN

Pam Bryant

Indianapolis, IN

Fred Bucci

Mayfield Heights, OH

Lauri Bucci

Mayfield Heights, OH

Steve Covington

Linden, IN

Shirley Crowder

Birmingham, AL

Bill Dill

Moody, AL

Anne Dryburgh


Bob Froese

Clarence, NY

Ruth Froese

Clarence, NY

Ben Funkhouser

Winterset, IA

Julie Ganschow

Kansas City, MO

Larry Ganschow

Kansas City, MO

Dan Gavin

Mullica Hill, NJ

Rosemary Gavin

Mullica Hill, NJ

Mark Hager

 Lynchburg, VA

Melanie Hammond

Chaffee, NY

Steve Hammond

Chaffee, NY

Bill Hines

Fort Worth, TX

Kevin Hurley

Bothell, WA

Josiephine Kittler

Odenville, AL

Todd Kyle

Rossville, GA

Kessach Lester

Hurricane, WV

Mike Martin

Indianapolis, IN

CJ McMurry

Winterset, IA

Timothy Mullet

Woodstock, GA

Lanny Parker


Melanie Radzikowski

Crawfordsville, IN

Stephen Mark Robinson


Mark Shaw

Florence, Kentucky

Oliver Underwood

Port Orchard, WA