Financial Resources are Thin

Biblical counseling is such a tough field to be in because the financial resources for our discipline are so very scarce since the WORLD does not embrace biblical counseling. In fact, many in the church world today do not embrace biblical counseling. It’s sad.

The world will support secular agencies. Government funds are allocated to secular agencies yet biblical counseling is ignored. Many in the secular counseling world do not even acknowledge biblical counseling as legitimate so we often do not get invited to have a “seat at the table” at various counseling events. However, we KNOW that biblical, compassionate, Christ-centered counseling that preaches the Gospel is the ONLY legitimate form of counseling where the Holy Spirit deals with the heart to bring real transformation!!!

Spiritual Resources are NOT Thin!

Biblical counseling, or intensive discipleship, is the most legitimate form of counseling that the world and the devil stole away from the church. We point people to Christ and lead them to a knowledge of the truth so that they can know Him.

We want people to know Christ Who is not resource thin! Our God owns the cattle on a thousand hills. In fact, He is the Owner of everything!

Please pray about how you can give to support TIL and other biblical counseling ministries that are willing to stand up for the all-sufficient truth of God’s Word and the Holy Spirit working to transform the hearts of people all over the world.

Are we financially resource thin in the worldly sense? Yes.

Are we spiritually resource thin? NEVER! We have the Lord’s resources and they are mighty to save!

We cherish your support both financially and prayerfully. We desperately need both.

-Mark (grateful for many of you who have given sacrificially to TIL)

P.S. Thank you again for your year-end donations to TIL that have already come in!