Here’s an excerpt from an excellent article in World Magazine about the need for TRANSFORMATION called “Beyond Therapy” featuring a Q&A quote from Robert Woodson, President of the Center for Neighborhood Enterprise:

“For heart surgery I want to see Board Certification. If I want demons delivered from me, the evils of drug addictions and prostitution, I need spiritual renewal.

Q: So you’re talking about transformation . . . If I’m killing myself, I do not need to be rehabilitated. I need to be transformed. I need to be another person. Therapy does not make you another person. Rehabilitation rarely removes bad stuff. Transformation replaces bad stuff with good stuff. That is the difference.”

To read the whole article, and I recommend you do, go to:

People need spiritual renewal in the form of TRANFORMATION and not simply rehabilitation! Jesus Christ is the only solution!

-Mark (thankful that God TRANSFORMED me!)